VITA Utility 3 Door Broom Cupboard in White

Product Description
The Vita Utility 3 Door Broom Cupboard is the ideal addition to your utility area.
The left and middle doors hides three adjustable shelves, an ideal storage solution to store cleaning products, washing powders and other household essentials.
Behind the right door is another adjustable shelf and a tall storage section, a perfect hiding place for brooms, mops or even your vacuum cleaner. On the back of the single door is a handy broom rack.

The Vita Range offers versatile storage solutions for anywhere in your home.
Each piece can be combined and easily customised to fit your space and storage needs.
This range can be used throughout your home, and in a combination that’s right for you.

Laundry day doesn’t have to be the day to dread.
The trick is to make it feel less like work, with smarter storage and simpler ways to organise it all.
And of course, making it easier might just mean you can convince someone else to do it.

This multi-use storage unit is crafted from melamine agglomerate particle board, coated on both sides with veneer films impregnated with melamine resins, giving it a completely closed surface, free of pores.
Intended for domestic use, this material is hard wearing and withstands heat and aggressive liquids.
Specially designed to help prevent the growth of microorganisms or parasites and requires no additional finishing.

*not suitable for bathroom use

3 Door Storage Unit
4 Internal adjustable/removable shelves
Tall storage section for brooms, mops or a vacuum cleaner
Door mounted broom rack
Perfect for household essentials
Flat Packed – Easy self-assembly

Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 180cm x Width: 109cm x Depth: 37cm
£205.99 £222.49

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